Walk the Thames Path Challenge for The Sunflower Jam


Fundraising has to be at the heart of any charity, and this year we are working really hard to offer new and exciting ways for you to get involved. With this in mind, we have buddied up with the Thames Path Challenge and we are looking for ready and willing (and fit!) volunteers to sign up and raise some money for The Sunflower Jam.

The Thames Path Challenge offers volunteers three options – 100km, 50km or 25km – and you can choose your start times opting either for a walk through the night or a walk in the sunshine. Or of course, you can run it, if you were so inclined! If you fancy signing up then head to the Thames Path Challenge’s website and get going. We will support you all the way through by promoting your Just Giving page and offering you handy tips and advice.

So far, Christina Sheard and Graham Gallagher have signed up and are busy raising funds to get their challenge off the ground. We are so grateful to them both for taking the challenge on and ask you all to support them in any way you can. If you fancy sponsoring Christine then head over to her Just Giving page and we’ll give you details of Graham’s as soon as we have them. If you want to get in touch with us to find out more then drop us an email at info@thesunflowerjam.com.


Sunflower Jam HQ x