Our Vision

To work towards providing access for all to complimentary and integrated treatments in the fight against cancer and other diseases by funding and supporting research, treatment and education.

We Believe
  • That true health embraces physical, emotional and mental well-being.
  • That an integrated approach creates the ultimate healing environment.
We Care
  • Equally for the quality and expectancy of everyone’s life.
We Promote
  • Holistic and integrated care for children, young people, adults and their families with a range of acute and chronic emotional, mental and physical conditions
  • A natural approach to wellness, which embraces holistic healing and a commitment to achieve the best chance for a positive outcome
  • The use of care givers and healthcare providers in a way that will improve outcomes
  • Individual and collective responsibility for ourselves and our environment

Projects and Research we Fund

Great Ormond St Hospital

In 2011, The Sunflower SUPERJAM 2011, raised enough money to build a complementary treatment room at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

College of Medicine and the Jon Lord Fellowship

Since 2012, The Sunflower Jam have been working closely with the College of Medicine to support the amazing research that they are doing into non-toxic treatments for cancer. Following the sad death of Jon Lord from pancreatic cancer in July 2012, the College of Medicine have set up the Pancreatic Cancer Project sponsored by The Sunflower Jam which includes the development of The Jon Lord Fellowship. The Jon Lord Fellowship will be awarded each year to fund projects that display exciting and innovative approaches to fighting pancreatic cancer. The money will also fund smaller research projects that will make a difference in this field.

Disneyland Adventures

The Sunflower Jam has raised money to fund trips to Disneyland Paris for terminally ill children and their families. This is an enormously worthwhile cause and one we are very proud of. Trips of a lifetime, such as these, can have an amazing effect on the wellbeing of children and research has shown that time away from hospitals, time spent with family, time spent smiling, can have an hugely positive effect on poorly children.


The Sunflower Jam raised money to fund five therapists at UCLH. The money raised by the Sunflower SUPERJAM allowed the charity to increase the therapists’ hours to cope with the increasing demand from patients for complementary therapy. With these extra hours, more children and teenagers with cancer have been helped with their established work of providing a service for inpatients, outpatients, relatives and staff on the units.

The Sam Buxton Healing Trust

The second Sunflower SUPERJAM raised money to work with the Sam Buxton Healing Trust. The trust was a natural partner for The Sunflower Jam as they shared our belief in the power of holistic and complementary treatments. The money raised by the Sunflower SUPERJAM was used to consolidate and expand the charity’s work with cancer care at University College London Hospital and allowed them to fund a healer at Addenbrokes Hospital in Cambridge for their cancer patients.