“I am so proud of what we have achieved, we’ve raised a fantastic amount of money for integrated medicine and enabled more treatments to be carried out. We have managed to create something really special, something very different and raised much more awareness of integrated medicine than we would ever have imagined.”Jacky Paice, Co-Founder

The Sunflower Jam is the brainchild of Jacky Paice, wife of Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice. Founded in 2006, Jacky was inspired to help those fighting cancer and other diseases after meeting a 16 year old boy named Kevin.

Kevin had Leukaemia and a friend of Jacky’s who headed the complimentary therapy care team at the University College London called her and asked for a favour. Kevin needed a boost to pull him through and, as a Deep Purple fan, he asked Jacky if she would get Ian to sign something and send it to him. Not only did she organise that, but Jacky also called her brother-in-law Jon Lord and asked them both to deliver the signed merchandise.

“When we opened the door to his room, there were Deep Purple posters on the walls and amongst the medical equipment Kevin was laid next to his guitar in bed. The first impression we all got from this boy was how pale he was and I’ll never forget how his cheeks flushed and his eyes lit up with joy when he saw Jon and Ian,” says Jacky.

Unfortunately, Kevin passed away two weeks after Jacky, Ian and Jon visited him in hospital but Jacky’s memory of that boy and the positive effect that their visit had on him never left her. After seeing all the good work that the complimentary care team were doing on the oncology ward and how they were working alongside NHS doctors to provide a complete treatment programme for patients, Jacky knew she wanted to raise money to help support the amazing work they were already doing.
She has never been able to delete Kevin’s number from her phone.

Since then, Jacky has organised high-profile, classic rock events which, after outgrowing their original venue, have now moved to the Royal Albert Hall and other iconic London venues. The Sunflower Jam also organises other fundraising activities throughout the country and actively remains committed to engaging and educating people in the discussion surrounding complimentary and integrated treatments.


Jacky oversees all aspects of the charity including event organisation and charity fundraising. Jacky is enormously involved in the day-to-day running of the charity and will often be found being very charming and persuasive on the phone.

  • Malcolm Bluemel
    Malcolm has been involved with The Sunflower Jam from the very start. Previously the owner of Planet Rock Radio, Malcolm has worked tirelessly on behalf of The Sunflower Jam helping us with promotion, artists, and everything in between. We were delighted to ask him to be a Trustee at the beginning of 2013.
  • Lady Penelope Mortimer
    Wife of the late, great Sir John Mortimer, Lady Penelope Mortimer is a well-known philanthropist and has been a long time friend of The Sunflower Jam. Lady Penelope has supported the charity and our work from the beginning and has been instrumental in helping us develop the charity from it’s small and lowly beginnings! We have been honoured to work with Lady Penelope and were delighted to ask her to be a trustee in 2013.
  • Martin Taylor
    Martin Taylor
    Martin Taylor has worked with The Sunflower Jam since ______ as part of our accountancy team at the prestigious H.W. Fisher in London. He has been an invaluable asset, guiding us through the very inception of the charity and all that involved. We were delighted to ask him to be a Trustee at the beginning of 2013.

Committee Members

  • Steve Guest
    Steve Guest
    Managing Director of Guesty PR
  • Steve Strange
    Steve Strange
    Co-founder of X-Ray Touring
  • Seven Webster
    Seven Webster
    Managing Director of 7pm Management
  • Chris Ingham
    Chris Ingham
    Group Publisher of Future Music portfolio


We love the idea of The Sunflower Jam and we were happy to lend technical and financial support to help produce their amazing DVD of some of the world’s greatest rock legends. All the stars gave their time for free and agreed that all profits from the DVD should go to the charity. It was an amazing event. The audience loved it, the musicians loved it and a lot of people are going to benefit as a result.”Peter Stephens, DialAFlight.