The Sunflower SUPERJAM 2012 DVD is released


It’s been a long time coming! We know that you have waited patiently (most of you!) and, exactly a year on from the SUPERJAM 2012, we finally launched the Sunflower SUPERJAM 2012 DVD.

Yes, the production process may have been plagued with problems and delays, but boy was it worth the wait! The DVD is not only the perfect way to relive the magic of that night, it also includes exclusive footage that you simply won’t see anywhere else. The SUPERJAM 2012 saw some of rock’s greatest living legends come together to perform on one of the world’s most famous stages and the DVD documents what a completely unique and once-in-a-lifetime event it was.

On the bonus DVD, we have included Jon Lord’s last ever live performance, as well as a fitting tribute to him as we remember the wonderful Steve Balsamo singing ‘Pictured Within’. You can see the one and only performance of “It’s Not As Big As It Was” – a song written by Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman specially for the SUPERJAM, a spine-tingling stunning performance of Bowie’s Life on Mars? by Newton Faulkner and Bill Bailey’s invaluable cowbell contribution to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water.

The DVD is available now and all proceeds raised from sales will go directly to The Sunflower Jam charity as we work to support the research and application of holistic and integrated medicine in the fight against cancer.

Order the DVD here. Trust us, if you love music and rock and roll, you need this in your life.


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