SuperJam 2016 announcement


After much deliberation and soul-searching, I have decided to not go ahead with the September Super Jam 2016 as Ian is away the whole of September and I do not feel I can do it without him.
I understand that many of you have been waiting for this years Super Jam and thank you for giving us so much love and support.
However, there may be a smaller event this year as I am hoping to put something together as another celebration of Jon’s music. I am also having the most wonderful time with my 5 grandchildren and I feel my family need me around more than ever. Moreover, in the mean time the charity is still strong and I have a meeting with Yes To Life this coming, week in hope to support future young persons in need. The Jon Lord Fellowship is ongoing and I will update you with further news soon.
The Sunflower Jam hope to put together a Super Jam in 2017 and it will ROCK!
In the meantime, please accept my sincerest apologies. I hate to disappoint, again, but I honestly feel that we can deliver more in the future. Thank you for your ongoing support, generosity and love.

Jacky x