SFJ Supporting Ebola Crisis In Africa


SFJ supports Alliance of Natural Health in fight against Ebola.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.55.54The Ebola crisis continues to rage in Africa and, while international aid agencies such as the WHO and Medecins Sans Frontieres are doing everything they can to help, there are smaller organisations out there doing amazing work. One of these is the Alliance of Natural Health International, founded and headed by Robert Verkerk PhD who has been an enormous supporter of The Sunflower Jam since its inception.

Recently, Robert Verkerk has made two trips to Sierra Leone to evaluate and then set up projects involving working with communities to help support the basic and nutritional needs of Ebola victims, along with the health workers in the community centres responsible for their health. The project, working under the banner of the International Sanitation Response on Ebola (ISRE) has been delivering an ‘enhanced nutritional programme’ to community centres which has included the provision of food, water and concentrated nutrients, including protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients. Additionally, health workers are receiving training on how nutrition and hydration can be used to help victims and those at great risk of Ebola infection, be more resilient in the face of the deadly and insidious disease.

The work being carried out by ISRE is unique and, in the absence of therapeutic treatments, could represent a vitally important approach in improving survival among those infected.

ANH is urgently in need of funds to help continue and expand the work into more communities and to quarantined homes, where many are languishing under-nourished and dehydrated. The Sunflower Jam believes strongly in the power of nutrition to help support the body in cases of both chronic and infectious diseases. Ebola is no different. With this in mind, we have decided to donate a percentage of our charitable funds to the Alliance of Natural Health to help support their work.

What we can promise you is that the funds you donate to us will go directly to ANH who will take that directly to the people in those communities ravaged by Ebola who need it desperately, and they need it now.

If you would like to donate then please visit our Just Giving page HERE. To read more about the work that the Alliance of Natural Health are doing, visit their webpage.