GOSH – The Sunflower Jam Room


The SFJ therapy room at GOSH still helping children.

In GOSH on the Oncology ward there is a complementary therapy suite which is funded by The Sunflower Jam. In 2013 The Prince of Wales took a visit to GOSH and the charity’s founder Jacky Paice and her sister Vicky Lord showed The Prince the complementary therapy suite on the Oncology ward. The room provides relaxation and massage therapy for children. ¬†Jenni Hallman, the Complementary Therapy Nurse Specialist said, ‚ÄúThe room is only in its infancy but is already getting really positive feedback from our patients and their parents. The Prince was very interested to hear about how the children are benefiting from the therapy, including ways it‚Äôs helping them to relax, sleep and how it can often be a distraction from the pain of their treatment.‚Äù

This room on the Oncology ward is very important and we are pleased that The Sunflower Jam can be a part of something that can help the children. In a recent email from Jenni we received an update of how everything was going in the room and some stories of the children and parents at GOSH.

“Hi Jacky,

I just wanted to say a quick hello from me and all the children at GOSH! A few days ago I was massaging a lovely little girl (I have known her for a long time but for one reason and another she has never been able to come to the room for her massages). On Tuesday she was well enough and infection free – she loved the room and was so much more chatty when she was in here. She was very taken with The Sunflower Jam (charity logo) painting that I have on my wall and quite upset that it didn’t have a name. After much thought, she decided he was a boy as boys “play electric guitars more than girls” and she named him Sidney! Thank you from myself and from all of the children and families who benefit from coming to my room on a daily basis – as one of the Dads said to me yesterday, “I never would have known what was behind that door and what a difference a room can make.” Other parents have also referred to the room as a sanctuary.”

The room has been at GOSH since 2011 and we hope to keep it going for many years to come.

If you would like more information about the room at GOSH you can email us here at: info@thesunflowerjam.com or you can email Jenni directly at jenni.hallman@GOSH.nhs.uk